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2011 Inductees
Volleyball 1990

INDUCTEE 2011 - BUILDER - Wetaskiwin High School
1990 Sabres Senior Girls Volleyball Team


Acceptance Speech by Kendra Limneos (Enarson)

Thank you, Don, and Thank you committee for this induction and honor.

The words I am about to share with you come from the memories of my team mates. And I will do my best to give you a picture of why we are here tonight receiving such a great award.

What an honor to have been a part of such a magical team experience that won on sheer determination and hard work. Accomplishments that really count are ones you work hard for and not the ones that come easily. That is why this experience is so cherished.

We fought tooth and nail every time we played. The drive and determination we had make the memories from being a Sabre Volleyball teammate a "forever treasure".

We started with a coach, who after coaching men's teams, was used to no frills, no tears, no make-up and no fancy hair bows. Coach E often said “ we will play like men in women's bodies”, or how can we forget our fearless leader leading us in this chant

"We try just as hard as we can, to play volleyball just like a man.
We fight and we dig, and we sweat like a pig
But , we still squat when we go to the can!"

Coach E taught us that hard work would be worth it. Floorboards, stairway to heaven, timed lines - at first we thought they had to be types of corporal punishment, yet without us knowing the outcome of these tasks, he developed a team who never quit no matter how hard it was. All the practice of serving, hitting, defending, blocking and of course, "COVER that ball!"

Coach taught us how to be a team!

“We-task-I- win”, there is no “I” in “team”.

We did all the drills and work together. Carrying a teammate on our shoulders across the gym, it was timed of course.

The "Book" of positive affirmations that Mr. E put together for us is affectionately remembered. When academics were challenging and when a glimpse of doubt set in our minds - if we could win or not - many concepts in this book of affirmations mentally helped build our confidence to step on the court as if for the first time.

Ideas like:

  • Create your wave of emotion and Continue your momentum on the court!


  • The game is 90% mental and 10% physical.

  • Know that as an individual on the court you will fall into place as a team, because we are playing an area on the court and not a spot!

  • Keep the ball off the floor!

He made it sound easy and in our minds he helped us make it more realistic to get the job done!  And as always we would cheer "TEAM" and get back on the court.

When we thought we were going to have a hard practice after a tough loss, we ended up at the bowling alley, trying to use our non dominant hand, eyes closed, backwards bowling.

We knew how to play on and off the court together.

We always drew names for who we roomed with in the hotel on "away" tournaments. Silly names on slips of paper, sometimes Mickey Mouse, sometimes numbers or colors, It was a great way to keep us mixed up and avoid “groups”, to keep us a team.

When the decision was made on whether to go 4A or not, it came down to a “hands up” vote. Because we all made the decision together, and because we believed we could do it, it made us successful from the start.

We had hard moments that moulded us:

For example:  The Barrhead tournament where we were not playing well against a team that we could beat physically, but who were beating us mentally. Coach called a time-out and made everyone do lines the whole time. He didn't say anything. We came back to win the set looking within ourselves to find the win.

An this one:  A significant loss at TVT tournament and the absolute quiet ride home in the van. Undoubtedly one of our toughest losses, yet Coach believed we had what it took to refocus.

And how could we forget in the final game when Natalie rolled her ankle. The air left the building, many thought our game and dream were over. And then comes Jolene, stepping in to play middle. The positive energy she brought to the court propelled us. Anyone observing could see that Church Hill was feeling defeated, because they recognized that no matter what combination of players we put on the floor, we were going to win! We were a team!

Coach gave us the mental picture at the beginning of the Provincial Tournament of our team being an avalanche. With every win, we gained more momentum. We truly were unstoppable. The energy to the final was epic... including the artwork of a snowball rolling down a hill from the man who was a few fingers short!

One of our favorite memories we shared as a team of our 4A final was the electricity in the gym. The atmosphere with over 600 fans banging on drums, blowing on horns was second to none.

Thank you to our family, to our friends, to WCHS for all your support. And of course that final winning point, we had worked so hard for it!

It is amazing what one can remember twenty years later. It really shows how that experience shaped our lives and helped us be the women, mothers, teachers, coaches, and professionals we have become today.

Coach Ethier, we thank you for the time and hard work you put into the dream.

And Deb, all the Ethier family, you were his support behind the dream. You ultimately gave up much precious family time so the team could be nurtured, so thank you! We all know there is a fantastic woman behind every great man!

Mr. E, you were our teacher, mentor and coach, a great source of guidance on and off the court, academically, personally and athletically. You lead by example: Family 1st, School 2nd and Volleyball 3rd and nothing else.

Without your father-like pride and encouragement we wouldn't have believed we could play in the big leagues. We would not have become the players we were. Coach, you never once gave us the impression that we weren't perfectly capable and up to the challenge.  We were determined and focused at Provincials.

It was as if all those years of Senior Women's League, North Battleford tournaments, midget teams, classical music for warm-ups, and floor boards were culminating in one final push to our ultimate goal.  The team was completely ready for the challenge. We all believed it was ours.

We are forever Sabres. Even though miles may separate some of us now - and those who could not attend tonight are truly missed - we are forever team mates and friends. I am so proud of what we fought for and accomplished together.

“ Good, better, best, never let it rest. Until the good is better and until the better... best”

 Congratulations team, and thank you for this honour.

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